"I spent years in the Child Abuse and Neglect Division of the Cook County State's Attorneys Office and so I have insider knowledge as to the actual issues and how they can be resolved."

The worst failure in Illinois is its treatment of vulnerable children. In state care, children have not been safe from abuse and have been sleeping on office floors instead of in safe homes. A judge recently found the DCFS agency director in contempt of court for continuing to keep children in care at a state facility rather in a foster home. Too often in Springfield, politicians ignore the needs of those who cannot speak for themselves, and that is wrong. To restore trust and inject integrity into the system protecting children, Jennifer Bruzan Taylor will work to enact systematic changes to DCFS, provide better legislative oversight, and protect workers from dangerous situations. Throwing money at the problem is not enough.


It is the government’s job to support, not hinder, economic development. Jennifer Bruzan Taylor will work to boost the economy and grow jobs by enacting policies that retain and attract new companies. With Illinois ranking among the highest taxed states in the nation, raising a family or operating a business within the state is becoming unaffordable. We need to stop passing laws that scare away employers, especially our small businesses, which are the cornerstone of our economy. What may seem like a slight increase in taxes to a politician impacts everyday people. The mindset in Springfield must change from how much to tax its citizens to operating an efficient, effective government that lives within its means without chasing taxpayers away to neighboring states.

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Jennifer Taylor with the Naperville Police Chief.HEIC
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Jennifer Bruzan Taylor believes we need to work with, not against, our community police departments to reduce violent crime with crime rates on the rise. The police reform law emboldens criminals by adding provisions making it easier for violent offenders to be released before trial and limiting police officers' abilities from doing their job effectively. The law needs to be rewritten after consulting with all stakeholders, including our law enforcement and victim rights communities, so that we can have the best police departments in the country without sacrificing the safety of our victims and community.